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8 PM EST on February 25th, 2017!

2nd: Brawl MK
3rd: adiass
4th: WhirlwindBulbasaur
5th: GoodMorningEspeon
Consolation Prize: Anot, Rory Mercury, ShinyIsCool, Gallant Spear

Solutions: eeeeeeek, Grimer, Bellsprout

The starshape Pokemon in the Neo Genesis TCG expansion has this move.

2) What Little Cup Pokemon, who is neither water type nor in the Water 1 egg group, can be found in rippling water in the generation V games?

3) This Pokemon in Lyra Forest in Pokemon Ranger is classified as having a different type than the Pokemon it evolves into, despite them having the same typing in the main series Pokemon games.

Thanks you to Painter Espeon and Flerovium for quality checking!

Hope y'all had a good time!
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Good for you
Monday February 27th @ 3 PM EST
Lucas87 ^-^
Second place: BigPimpin12
Third place: Meicoo
Fourth Place: Illusio
Fifth Place: Alextron
Consolation prize to: alien killer 69
Q1) This non-sound damaging move bypasses substitute, but does not break protection.
Q2) An official language that is more than two letters long is contained in the name of this move.
Q3) This Pokemon's variant is immune to a type that its base form is 4x weak to and is weak to a type that its base form resists.

Q1) Spectral Thief
Q2) Rock Polish
Q3) Onix

Unfortunately not as hard as my last official. Grats to all who finished. Thanks to best ship with newest ro and currently the best ro idk why for qcing.
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Reserving an official for Monday, February 27th, at 9 PM EST. QC'd by 3.14dgeot-Mega and Meicoo and hosted by Meicoo!

Winner: Painter Espeon.
Second place: pokemonvortex.
Third place: Rory Mercury.
Fourth place: Embar.
Fifth Place: BigPimpin12.
Consolation prize to: GoodMorningEspeon.
Solution: aquaring, feysue, pokemonboxrubysapphire.

1. In the anime, this Water type move can shield you from Electric type attacks.
2. This pair of trainers, from the only Double Battle Trainer class to have a male and a female version, are the only ones to appear in BW, but not B2W2.
3. In order to play a main series Pokemon game on the Wii, you must have this 'utility'. (format é as e)

Grats to all finishers! Grats to Painter Espeon for #! And thanks to 3.14dgeot-Mega for QCing and Meicoo for hosting and QCing!
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cool quiz
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8 PM EST on February 28th, 2017!

2nd: BigPimpin12
3rd: adiass
4th: GoodMorningEspeon
5th: pokemonvortex
Consolation Prize: bartimaeusjr, 0wO (Cyllage), Merlee, CloudyNatu

Solutions: Steam Siege, Decorated Hibernator, Heart Swap

Which English TCG expansion had a pair of theme decks with exactly 3 words in their name each?

2) Which Medal in Pokemon X and Y recognizes gaining one hundred-thousand Dream Points in the Dream World?

3) This move used to be the signature move of one mythical Pokemon, it is now learnable by two mythical Pokemon.

Thanks you to Rory Mercury and Brawl MK for quality checking!

Hope everybody enjoyed!
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Hey, I've resigned from RO, and Flerovium and Painter Espeon will be replacing me! I'm sure both of them will be great ROs and will continue to run the room well.

GoodMorningEspeon will be making a new ladder thread in the next few days, and starting with the March ladder he will be the one updating the OP. The last few reserved hunts for this month will still be on this thread, but please consider keeping all following ones to the new thread.


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The February ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: BigPimpin12 in first place with 117 points, 3.14dgeot-Mega in second place with 96 points, and Merlee in third place with 95 points.
BigPimpin12: 117
3.14dgeot-Mega: 96
Merlee: 95
Meicoo: 91
Rory Mercury: 86
Illusio: 80
Ninjadog13: 75
adiass: 71
GoodMorningEspeon: 66
TheWhoDoctor: 66
Embar: 55
keeping it icy: 51
CloudyNatu: 48
pokemonvortex: 41
chupps: 40
Cyllage: 31
Anno-nyme: 30
Brawl MK: 30
Flerovium: 30
ShinyIsCool: 30
terrapieseven: 30
Gallant Spear: 27
Bagnet Momb: 25
Devoxys: 21
CammyCapre: 20
ILRB: 20
Lucas87: 20
Painter Espeon: 20
WhirlwindBulbasaur: 20
6Infernapes: 15
FireghtBug: 15
Zacjl: 15
SergioRules: 10
Wan the Avatar: 10
Anot: 6
Storm1337: 6
chatterseel: 5
coinboy: 5
Mr. Uncompetitive: 5
Alextron: 2
Azuuli: 1
CoolStoryGiratina: 1
Darthikyu: 1
Dylas: 1
LilBlueShuppet: 1
Moo: 1
pancake: 1

The ladder twist for March is an old favorite: every day has a pre-specified theme that the daily official will follow. We have prepared a calendar with the dates for each topic.

Additionally, we will be moving to a new thread from here on forward, which can be found here! Make sure you hit the "Watch Thread" button there if you're still interested in being notified when hunts are reserved. Also if you haven't already, thank ashiemore for everything she's done for the room! and being qt
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